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Assignment 3 (Due October 7, 2004): Searching the World Wide Web
This exercise was tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

1. Yahoo!

Set your browser to . Note that the page includes an
alphabetical list of categories (the box on the lower left). Look them over
carefully--this is in effect a sort of classification minus the symbolic
notation. Click on Social Science. When the Social Science page loads,
notice the subdivisions. Click on Sociology, then Sociology of Religion.
Congratulations, you have just navigated a hierarchy!

Now navigate this site as follows:

Notice how the categories are generated; what seems to be the guiding
rule for categorization?

Click on individual Sociologists of Religion, then find Dead Sociologists
Society. Now, you are in a digital library. Who is the sponsor/owner of this
digital library?

Find the Dead Sociologist's Index, and click on Cooley. What can you
learn about this author? What do you find if you follow the links inside?

2. Keyword searching

Go now to . Enter 'Sociology of Religion' on the search
line and click. You will receive a response with 465,000 sites. Compare
this to what you found navigating the hierarchy. Is the result the same?

What characterizes the first 10 (the sites on the first screen)?

Reflect on relevance judgments and the evaluating function of
bibliographic retrieval tools. How do you know when you've found
everything? How do you know when you've found enough? How do you
know when you've found the correct information or website? Why did two
search paths not yield the same answers?

3. Alta Vista

Now go to . Enter 'Sociology of Religion' on the search
line and click. How large is the result?

Are any of the first ten similar to or identical to what you found in Yahoo!?

3. Furthermore

Spend at least one hour browsing the web, comparing search engines
and in particular, searching for the same subject matter with different
search engines (try at least two). Write below your observations on
knowledge organization in the world-wide web:

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