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Assignment 2 (Due September 30, 2004): Searching the Bibliographic
Utilities: OCLC’S WorldCat and the RLG Union Catalog

For each of the following questions please write out the search key(s) you
used, whether successful or not, as well as the answer to the question.

OCLC Searching

Go to and login. Your User-id is: 100-090-789
and your password is: student. Choose “Worldcat” from the Search
Options menu at the upper left to begin a search. For assistance in
formulating search keys, click on “Help” at the upper right, type “Search
WorldCat” in the search box and click “search help,” then choose item
“13 Search WorldCat” from the list.


Find the 1992 book by David Hayward Thomas.

   Scroll down to “Command Search” and enter “dp thom,dav,h/1992”
(without the quotation marks) in the “Search for” box, then click on
“Search.” Select the first item in the result set.

What was the subject of this book?

archival information processing for sound recordings


1.   Retrieve the bibliographic record with the following LCCN:

Scroll to “Numeric Search” and select LCCN, then enter the number like
this: 2001-020328 and click “Search.”

Why did you retrieve two bibliographic records?

What is this item’s ISBN (look in field 020 in either record)?

2.   Retrieve the Library of Congress' bibliographic record with the
following ISBN: 0950977209.

Start over, scroll to “Numeric Search” and this time select ISBN, then
enter: 0950977209 and click “Search.”

Why did you retrieve two bibliographic records this time?

Why are they different?

What is this item's LCCN (look in field 010—hint: only one record has
field 010)?

3.  Perform a title search for The Best of the Irish Tenors.

This time click on “Browse” at the top and enter: best of the Irish tenors.

What is the real title of this recording?

4. Perform a subject keyword search for the Long Island Railroad

In “Command search” enter: st LIRR and click search.

Scroll through the list (you should retrieve 46 hits) observing the contents.
What do you find in number 45?

RLG Searching

Logoff OCLC, and go to Your account
number is: y6.h28 and your password is: 27juliet. Once again, you can
click “Help” to learn more about searching RLIN.


Find the 1992 book by David Hayward Thomas.

Click the “author” button and type the name as: Thomas, david h and click
“search.” Click on the cluster for Thomas, David H, and then scroll down
until you find the middle name Hayward. Click on the box to the left, then
select “Brief” at the top.

What was the subject of the book?

archival information processing for sound recordings


5.  Find the title Joy of Breeding your own Show Dog.

Why are there two bibliographic records? How are the books different?

6.  Find the book titled A Thousand Miles Up the Nile.

Why are there so many titles in the cluster? How many titles did not make
it into the cluster?

7.  Search for the title words "recipes" and "trains." Hint: use the
“advanced” search screen, select “title word” and enter one term in each
search box.

Who is the author?

8.  Find Lawrence Block's burglar books.

Still using the advanced screen, choose “author” and enter: Block,
Lawrence, then in the second box choose keyword and enter: burglar.
(Hint: you should locate 90 clusters)

Go to cluster 66. Why do there seem to be two titles?

CONCLUSION: Write no more than one page, double-spaced, about
your experience searching in OCLC and RLIN.

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