Prof. C. Marchese,

Bulletin description:  
A comprehensive introduction to digital and communications
technologies as the underpinnings for information storage and retrieval systems. These
include the theory of digital representation of information (text, graphical images, and
sound), the inter-relationship of hardware, operating system software and applications
software in stand-alone systems, and extensions of these in networked environments.

Course orientation:  There will be homework and lab assignments, which will
provide skill with the use of software.  There will be four quizzes and a final project.  

Class Meetings: 30 Hours
Required Readings: 50 Hours
Assignments & Exercises: 60 Hours
Exam Study & Preparation: 10 Hours

Course Grade:
Quizzes (4)       
Discretion, homework       10%

Palmer School Curriculum Objectives

1.        To articulate the mission of information professionals.
2.        To demonstrate an understanding of the changing nature of the field.
3.        To apply these principles of organization, selection and evaluation
                        information resources.

If you are a student with a disability and require accommodations, please contact the
Disability Support Services Office, Life Science, Rm. 154, 516-299-3164.


Williams, Brian K. and Stacey C. Sawyer, Using Information Technology.  New York,
NY:  McGraw Hill, 2007.


September 11

       Introduction to Information Technology: Your Digital World

       Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 1

September 18

       The Internet and the World Wide Web: Exploring Cyberspace

       Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 2        

September 25

       Software: Tools for Productivity and Creativity

       Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 3

       Lab:  Microsoft Word and Excel

October 2        No Class (Yom Kippur)

October 9

Quiz 1 (chaps 1 - 3)

       Hardware: The CPU and Storage

 Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 4

October 16

       Hardware:  Input and Output: Taking Charge of Computing and Communications

       Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 5

  Lab:  Microsoft Word and Excel Connectivity

October 23

       Quiz 2 (Chaps 4 and 5)

       Communications, Networks, and Safeguards: The Wired and Wireless World

Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 6

October 30

       Personal Technology

Read:  Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 7

Lab:  Excel Assignment

November 6

       Databases and Information Systems

Read: Williams/Sawyer, Chapter 8

Lab:  Microsoft Access

November 13

       Quiz 3 (Chaps 6-8)

       The Challenges of the Digital Age: Society and Information
       Systems Analysis and Programming

 Read: Williams/Sawyer, Chapters 9 and 10

November 20

       Quiz 4 (Chaps 9 and 10)

       Lab:  PowerPoint

November 27

       LAB   – Web Design

December 4

LAB  – Web Design Working Session

December 11

       Presentation of final projects

December 18 – Reserved if needed

Technology for Information Management
Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5