Pablo Picasso [1881-1973]

"Famous as no artist ever had been, he was a pioneer, a master and a protean monster, with a hand in every art movement of the century"
"To say that Pablo Picasso dominated Western art in the 20th century is, by now, the merest commonplace. Before his 50th birthday, the little Spaniard from Malaga had become the very prototype of the modern artist as public figure". - ROBERT HUGHES (1998)

This is a Digital Library Project about Pablo Picasso – Blue Period [1901-1904]. The content of the site is solely for academic purposes and should not be used for any other reason.

The purpose for choosing the Blue Period is to limit the project to one of the famous periods of Picasso. By reason of space constraints the blue period was not entirely covered. Only the most famous works of the Blue period was covered.

In addition to the blue period, a brief reference was made of other interesting works of Pablo Picasso-Rose Period (1905-1907),African-influence Period (1908-1909), Analytic-Cubism Period (1909-1912), his biography and some of his famous quotes. The project is not exhaustive of Picasso's works and life history. Hence reference has been included for anyone interested in exploring Picasso’s works further.