Fall 2004, Thursday 6:40 - 8:30 pm
Prof. C. Marchese,
Assignment 1 (Due September 23, 2004):  What can be found in LIU’s online

Go to
http://www.liu/edu, select “Library and Computing Services” from the
menu on the left, then select “Library” from the next screen, then find the C.
W. Post Campus and select “Online Catalog.”

Answer each of the following questions, recording your answers and
observations as instructed below.  All searches are to be conducted in the LIU
online catalog.  Please do not ask reference librarians for assistance, and please
do not attempt to find the answers in other databases.

1.     Who is the author of the 1993
Composer to composer?

Who is the author of the 1982
Beyond traditional tenure?

Is the author of
Composer to composer the same as the author of Beyond
traditional tenure?

How do you know?

2.     What was the real name of Billy the Kid?  (If you know, approach the
online catalog as if you didn’t; use no other reference sources.)

3.     Search for works about
nonlinear oscillations.

Search for works about
electric oscillators.

What do you notice about these subjects?

4.     Do a keyword search for
witchcraft and sex.  How many of these
books are about witchcraft and sex?  

Try it again with a subject keyword search – how different is your result?

5.    Find editions and criticisms of Charles Dickens'
A tale of two cities (hint:
use the “advanced search” feature).  In what order are these displayed?

6.    Find Martin Stuart-Fox (hint: use the “List A-Z” feature).  Describe the
filing position for this name relative to others named Stuart.

CONCLUSION: Write no more than one page, double-spaced, about your
experience searching the LIU online catalog.

Introduction to Knowledge Organization
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